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Wednesday, May 7

Recovery Run


"The physiological processes that restore the body to its pre-exercise condition after exercise. Recovery includes replenishment of muscle glycogen and phosphagen (the energy stores in the muscles); removal of lactic acid and other metabolites (the waste products of muscle activity); reoxygenation of myoglobin (the special respiratory pigment which provides muscles with an extra source of oxygen); and replacement of protein (needed to repair muscles damaged during exercise)." - Oxford University Press

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We all know and love the recovery run. (You’ve earn it!) There are no demands on the body – the mind will just let it be. The reward for successfully carrying you over the finish line...

  • The realization I need a new training program.
  • Counting my blessings - not minutes or miles.
  • Feeling the exact location were the hamstrings connect.
  • Running so slow it seems juvenile.
  • Smelling the lilacs.
  • The promise – to not care what others think.

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