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Monday, May 5

Yesterday’s Half-Marathon Eugene

Half marathon Eugene OregonFor me the best parts of a race are usually the START line and the FINISH line. But in yesterday’s race – the finish line was a blur. At the 10 mile marker I started feeling nauseated. (Give me pain instead!)
I would have given my eye teeth just to lay down on the mat while the kid cut off my timing tag.
Pushing to hard... or perhaps the oil tasting water I gulped along the way... Anyways I did achieve my goal of getting under 2 hours – shaving 7 minutes off last year’s time. WOOt!


3 Line-ups before the start line. Traffic, shuttle and port-o-potties.
2 Females in running skirts.
10+ Tattoos on calves.
8 At the 8 mile mark – a guy who looked like he stepped out of the 70s passed me. He looked just like Steve Prefontaine. Wonder if anyone else saw him…
4 Dogs along the sidelines were German Short Hair pointers.
1 Cement underpass. I yelled out YAHOO – others chimed in.
2 Runners with white hair wigs on…


  • Gloves... way too many to count.
  • A black UNDER ARMOUR cap. (Almost stopped to pick it up.)
  • Half a granola bar.
  • Numerous Clif Shots ( thick goop)
  • Running bottles – too many!


“Run the miles – Live the dreams”
“Doesn’t this skirt make my ass look fast?”
I would like to thank again all the congratulations I received from my Twitter friends : )