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Wednesday, May 21

Running Hazards

road signI read about Nick’s injury in last week’s paper. [He trains in Eugene, Oregon and has become one of my favorite celebrity runners.
He received a nasty gash in his leg when he attempted to hurdle over a fallen runner. A shoe spike caught his leg. What’s amazing is he went back to the start line and attempted to run again with his knee bleeding. He stopped before the race was over. (My heart goes out to him.) Apparently it was his first DNF.
Final Sprint has posted Nick’s actual account of the injury.
A worthy read and runner – Nick Symmonds will be one of our future Olympians!

Running Perils I’ve seen in races:

  • Tripping over laces +
  • Tripping over orange cones +++
  • Nasty elbow jabs++
  • Face plant right before the finish line.

My own collection of horrors:
  • Trip on a root – splitting knee open.
  • Ankle twist over a pine cone.
  • Branch scratch.
  • Missed curb – OUCH.
  • Inhalation of a live spider.

What hazards have found you?

Common sport injuries needing admission to the Emergency department. In order of occurrence:
Biking, basketball, playground activities, football, soccer and then running : )