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Monday, May 19

Running Dips Into the Fountain of Youth

runnerkara image fountain

After seeing pictures of Joan Benoit Samuelson - I started wondering if running causes you to age prematurely.
However,this article -> “Staying a Step Ahead of Aging” says noway!
A study done my Dr. Wright (a runner herself) tested older athletic people to see what happened to them.

Some astounding highlights from this study::

But please read the full article in the NYT by Gina Kolata.
  • Your body has the ability to train at any age.
  • Interval training is absolutely crucial.
  • Train hard is important.
  • As you age - more rest days are needed.
What I also found interesting in this article was the part about the maximum heart rate. Apparently the heart slows down naturally with the aging process. (In the big picture it will eventually really slow down. So enjoy your runs while you can.)

As for Joan - I would contribute her older looks to the continual exposure to outside elements. You really must wear sunscreen. I lather a SPF of 45 on my face, neck and hands before every run!

Running stresses the bone which is great for maintaining bone density.
Women in their 40s can expect a 10% loss of vertebral bone mass.” (Think hunched over old ladies.)

Have a great Monday and keep on running ~