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Wednesday, June 18

Recovery Meal?

I place more importance of pre-run fuel than post-run nutrition. In an article in the latest Outside – a dietician speaks out about the “Golden Hour.” That’s the 60 minute period after you workout. During that time the body ardently seeks out nutrients to replenish itself...
When I return from my run: I do a standing stretch in the garden, play with the dog, take note of yard work, go inside, MAKE COFFEE, do a 15 minute stretch including sit-up...and then breakfast.
The article says we need about 0.1 gram of protein for every kilo you weigh. So that puts my requirement around 5 grams.
Easy enough to grab before I start stretching. I will just replace some water with soya drink (8 grams of protein in 1 cup) and a few almonds.

Some Other Sources of Protein

“Every responsible source in body-building and athletics recommends that you eat after training, and preferably within 45 minutes (or even an hour) after a workout. This period, known as the golden hour…”

What’s your recovery food?

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