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Wednesday, July 16

The DailyMile

OneMile Logo
Yes, I’ve joined yet another online running faction. I find these sites helpful for training ideas and moral support.
Dailymile is not just for runners.
“A premier destination for runners, cyclists, and triathletes.”
You can leave notes, post your workout, and include photos or video. And of course there is forum to cover all your bases.
I’m still new to the site – but really like the simple layout.
And Hey, I found a runner who lives in Eugene.
If you need an invite to join, email me.
Today’s run was total replenishment.
Running alone – I can soak up every part of nature.

Quality of Run: Strong

Total Miles: 5.06
Type of Workout: Dronal
Feel Good Stretch: Inner Thigh
cool breeze
my heart
skips a beat