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Wednesday, August 6

Face Masks

I just finished reading an excerpt from Kenny Moore’s book “Bowerman and the Men of Oregon.” Added it to my wishlist!
He touches on the 1972 Olympics in Munich. It must have been absolutely terrifying for the athletes.

“That’s a gunshot.”… A few minutes later came the pounding on the coaches’ door… Before him stood an Israeli racewalker, Shaul Ladany… “Can I come in? Can I stay here?” … The Arabs are in our building…. They’ve shot some of our people.” I got out through the window.”
Some humans think they are superior.
We come in all sizes, shapes, and skin color. There are similarities in all of us. We speak differently - yet our smiles are the same.
I am a firm believer that events like the Olympics bring us together - not divide us.
So instead of getting off the airplane wearing face masks; why not check out what marathon runner Viktor Röthlin did.

Image on wiki - Dan Brady