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Monday, September 15

Can a Running Blog Be Artful

Every week I publish three posts in this blog about thoughts that trigger my interest while running. Hence the title “Between The Miles.”
I rarely just compile words – I also use images to get my point across.
But can a running blog be artful?
Here are a few methods I use to express my ideas:


Your own are preferable. I love peering into other runners’ environments. If you don’t have your own, there are lots of free image sites online. Such as Free Web Page Headers and Morgue File. And don’t forget about the cheesy FREE clip art from Microsoft.

Html Layout

Most blogging software allows some freedom. Use block quotes and centering to move your text. I have an HTML resource book on my desk. And don’t forget about the importance of whitespace


I have a desire to use every new font I come upon. (351 font families on my pc) But I don’t recommend trying them out with every post. Still it’s nice to add expression in a word using a very kewl font like VTNecrotic Tissue. (See the slideshow.)

Fun Apps and Widgets

An example is the slide show below. The ideas are endless… I’ve been seeing some innovative race countdown clocks. They take a little time to set up, but the results are rewarding. Just make sure they are compatible with your blogging platform.

For more ideas check out this new magazine