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Saturday, September 13

Runners Love Coffee

runnerkara coffee grinder

The #1 drug for runners – caffeine! (Well, for some, after Advil.)
Over the years I’ve tried many different methods of making coffee at home. It seems like I’m always searching for that best Cup of Joe.
This is especially important now, since I am allowed only one cup a day. (Heart arrhythmias...)
(Years ago I use to drive over the border to Seattle for coffee – home of the first Starbucks.)
Right now the best home brew is what I make with the portable Melitta cone and fresh ground beans of course!

Red eye: A cup of drip coffee with one shot of espresso in it. Also known as a slingblade, a depth charge, a shot in the dark, an Al Pacino, an autobahn, a "Canadiano,” a quantum or a hammerhead.
How do you get your fix?