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Monday, September 22

Foot Strike Re-visited

What part of the foot do you land on when running?


During races I’ve noticed a lot of different running styles. From flat footed to just running on their toes.
Which is the most efficient?
There is a lot of information online about this topic.
I know on long runs, when I get tired, I tend to sit back and ride on my heels. So for me, heel running uses less energy. But when running faster, I take off and land on my midfoot – not toes.
"Keeping your stride short so that you land midfoot." -
Chi running
After reading this interesting article - "Heel vs. Midfoot vs. Forefoot: How do elite runners land?", I’ve come to a conclusion – Don’t change your style!
“Just let your feet land where and how they land, and worry about all the other things you can when you run!”

And if you have time – Watch this YouTube vid on Foot Mechanics. Not only does it clear up confusion about being a supinator or pronator. He shows actually foot strike while running at different paces. And something I had never thought of before - the difference between walking (heel first) and running (natural). Heel first means brakes!

A footnote (Forgive the pun)
The action of your foot striking the ground smashes red blood cells.
“The trauma associated with foot strike is thought to be the major cause of hemolysis after running.
Another good reason to tread lightly.

Have a great day and Keep on Running!