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Wednesday, September 10

A Tree

--- Trees I Run By ---

When I run by this tree I feel her strength. I am honored by her very existance. There is no other tree like her around here. The trunk base must be 6 feet in diameter!
"Tapered trunks withstand greater stress (wind, vandals) than those that have little or no taper. A tapered trunk decreases in diameter with height."
I’ve had a difficult time finding her actual name. (Any ideas?)
A giant Redwood or perhaps a Cedar? Whatever - she is wise and sturdy and very old.

Sitting way too close to this house – she waits for us to eventually fade away…
An update to the identity of this tree. I emailed a local group called," The Eugene Tree Foundation" and they kindly replied with this.
That's a giant sequoia, or Sequoiadendron giganteum,

Both images taken with my cellphone.