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Tuesday, October 7

Training for a Faster 5k

Looks like I only have a couple of months to improve my 5K time.
Here is a brief article by Jeff Galloway - Improve your 5k speed.
His guidelines:

  • Every couple of week increase the length of your long runs. And this is a hard one for me – Run 3-4 minutes slower per mile!
  • Incorporate weekly interval training. He suggests starting with 4x400 (quarter milers) and work up to a set of 14. That’s only 3.5 miles so easily obtainable.
He sets the speed on the track at a pace of 8 seconds faster than your 5k race time.
My last 5K pace was at an 8:03 / M
So I need to do these intervals at 7:55 pace
Today (in the sunshine) I included a 4x400 with my run. Just running fast – not looking at the Garmin.

Not bad - but will it help me beat my PR? Time will tell.

This goal will carry me along till the end of the year – when I start training again for a Half Marathon.