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Wednesday, October 1

What is Sleep?

The TV ad by LUNESTA illustrates it as a restful state. Where you Metamorph into a butterfly that serenely touches down in exotic Ports O’ Call. You then awaken with a smile on your face.

My Definition

A restless state of stillness. Which may involve bizarre dreams, tossing and turning - in cold or hot sheets, pillow fights, numerous clock checks, visits to the bathroom, sounds from train whistles,
my dog barking, and an occasional; yes, an occasional episode of loss of consciousness.
Luckily it does not affect my motor capabilities the next day. I’m able to run along OK. But just don’t ask me to do anything complicated.

Some Rewards:

  • You have time to plan next day’s To Do list.
  • You can watch simpleminded TV programs.
  • The first cup of coffee tastes so good.
  • You burn calories – by tossing and turning.
  • You might hear a burglar before he breaks in.
  • You can manufacture your own day dreams.
  • And the best benefit - Daily Cat Naps!

Image - The Picture Collection of the New York Public Library