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Thursday, October 2

Life Lessons Learned from Running

This weeks theme at TIaRT is… Life Lessons Learned From Running.
I take every life lesson seriously.

One of the most important lessons I learned from running was – acceptance of myself. Sounds strange, but when I first started running, I did so in the early AM – so no one could see me. I spent precious running time putting on makeup, inserting my contact lenses - ruminating over what I should wear. As if I was constantly under some spotlight. I wasn’t over-weight or ugly, just burdened down with shyness aggravated by a bad case of acne.
Running lifted that cloak...
Now I don’t worry about hiding myself. (Well, maybe still on race days - I try to blend in.)
Running has accepted me into her ways – with unconditional Love.

The Importance of Running Roots

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