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Tuesday, November 11

Five Times a Week

Exercise Zones
target heart rates
We’ve all seen these Target Heart Rate charts. Find your age group and then decide how hard the work-out is after counting your heart rate. But how effective are these charts?
Here is one of the basic formulas:
Take 220, subtract your age, = HRmax.
But Daniels (Daniels’ Running Formula) found an elite runner who had a HRmax of 148bpm. He was only 30. So if he used this formula he would be seriously over-training.

“Like any muscle, the heart’s strength and effectiveness is increased through regular endurance exercise.” Galloway
What I’m looking for is moderate workout level. I’m increasing my aerobic workouts to 5 times a week. I don’t want them all to be at max levels. (Thinking 3 Max and 2 Mod.) What heart rate would be a mod workout for me? If I go too slow - no aerobic boost. So I guess I better find my HRmax average - then put on my math cap and workout out a 60% zone.
Looks like I will be wearing that uncomfortable heart rate detector belt for a few workouts...


"Studies indicate that approximately 10% of otherwise healthy individuals cannot improve their aerobic capacity with exercise at all." -Wiki

I could try this - Shuttle Test Run
And don't forget about EPOC