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Saturday, November 8

Grateful Because

Amanda of Run to Finish blog has been posting a daily gratitude at the end of her regular blog posts.
A simple idea, but very effective way of getting us to focus on the good things in our life.
Today on my run I witnessed three people who were not so fortunate...

When I do track work – > I take my cap off. It gets too hot!
I tossed it on top of the covered garbage can. On Lap 8 I notice two guys digging through that garbage can! (Looking for bottles I assume.) One guy was holding my favorite yellow cap in his hand. 00 He spotted me running towards them and yelled out, "Is this your hat?." I said, ”yeah!” But I felt like saying, “Hey – that’s my hat, I paid for it, leave it alone!” He gave a friendly wave and set it down. They could have taken it – I would not have followed.

Then, as I worked my way home – cooling down, I spot a body ahead on the edge of the road. I think, “OMG – I have to do CPR before my morning cup of coffee.” As I get closer – I note his color is good and he’s breathing. He has a garbage bag and a mat under him, a knapsack for a pillow. He is asleep.

November 08, 2008 - I am grateful I have a warm, soft place to sleep (even when I can’t sleep) and a yellow cap to keep to rain out of my eyes.