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Saturday, November 1

Running Toward Happiness

Reading about a crusade going on in Britain to promote better mental health. Their Scientists came up with these 5 simple Steps to Happiness.

1. Connect 2. Be active 3. Be curious
4. Learn 5. Give

As I glanced over them, I realized running can incorporate all these behaviors.
By entering races, joining running groups, or just wave to folks along your paths.
Be active
There is no need to explain this one to runners. Suffice to say – over training may lead to injury.
Be curious
When we run out doors we have a bevy of opportunities to explore. Look at every tree – give them a name. What are the street names? Why is there always just one shoe in the ditch?
This is one in my Mantras“Never go a day without out learning something new.” I regularly read Runner's World, runner’s blogs, and running forums to keep up to date with the greatest training plethora. Learning is as easy as taking a run in new place. Just pay attention.
It’s a great idea to volunteer at a local race event. (I still have this on my To Do List.) Try to share your knowledge about running. (Post your training routines in a Blog.) At work – I'm frequently asked about my running. How far or how fast did you run? I try to redirect the question back to them to see what they are doing to be active. Reinforce an active lifestyle but don’t brag.
BTW: I noted this article, which I found in The Times (London) has over 145 comments! It must be a popular topic.
What things about running make you happy?