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Monday, November 3

Running With Long Hair

I watched the entire 1 hr condensed version of the NYC Marathon on TV yesterday. Was I the only one totally amazed at Paula Radcliffe? She crossed the finish line and then walked over to the side, bent down and swooped up her daughter in her arms. No signs of tiredness or injury. She is indeed super human!
But my pride goes to Kara Goucher. From a 5k to a 10k Olympian racer to a serious marathon contender.(In 2008!)
As I watched her run – her pony tail bouncing with the wind, I prepared some questions to ask her. Not about her training, but about her hair.
I have always had long hair.[see pic] At one time it was down to my waist. Trust me – long hair and sports do not mix well.
Most days it flows behind me. But when it’s raining…a rat’s nest evolves.

Questions for Kara:

  • Do you use shampoo after every workout or just rinse with water?
  • What’s your favorite shampoo, conditioner?
  • Why do you keep you hair long?
  • Will you hide the gray someday?
  • Does your hubby brush your hair?
Kara with hair up
Kara with hair in ponytail
Kara with hair loose

Who else runs with long hair?