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Wednesday, December 3

Seasonal Adjustments


Do you adjust your running timetable to the changing seasons?

This article - The Fitness Almanac - suggests we are influenced by the seasons – just as other animals are.
I tend to train in harmony with my race schedule. Next year, my big race - The Eugene Marathon - falls on May 3rd. So I will start training January 1, regardless of how I feel or the weather. But perhaps I should be choosing race dates by my energy levels.

The article highlights each quarter:

  1. Winter – A time for introspection. Evaluate last year’s goals and then prepare for fresh expectations. “Energy level is moderate.”
  2. Spring – A time for rebirth – renewal. Try out something new. “Energy level is intense, upbeat...” (So a good time to race.)
  3. Summer – Heat can slow you down. Siesta anyone? This is a good time to try new cross training activities. (I want to go Kayaking next year.) “Energy can be playful to lethargic.”
  4. Fall – Time to reap your awards of training. Make decisions on what worked and what didn’t. “Energy – seeking satisfaction.” (I love the Fall and the return of cooler weather. It’s my favorite time of year to run!)
What’s your favorite season for running?

Image map
1. Silhouette, 2. Spring Flowers, 3. It's SNOWING!, 4. Fall Forest