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Saturday, December 13

White Moment

No, not snow – just a white moment.

“Everything feels harmonious, unified, and effortless.” Goleman
Around the 2 mile mark everything seemed in sync - the path, the trees, even the wind.
A few feet in front of me there were two female runners. I began watching their feet. They were running fast and I was running right along with them. The movement of our feet synchronized. Just like elite runners in a marathon race… At that instant - I was in the flow. My flow or theirs, it didn’t matter. Running this fast was so easy.
Then just as miraculously, we broke apart – one drove ahead of me the other fell behind.
“When skills and challenge match, then flow is most likely to emerge.” - Goleman
Pre race chatter: “That Santa looks like a girl?”
Favorite bumper sticker: “My other car is an accordion.”

Jingle Bell Run 8 - 2008