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Wednesday, December 10

A Year of Running

Around this time, every year, I look back at last year’s mileage and compare it to this years'. And then attempt to sketch out some aspirations for next year.
I’ve only been keeping track of annual mileage since 2001. Thanks to online running journals it’s so easy now.
Last year’s miles 786
This year’s miles 793 (Over 800 by year’s end :)


  • Beat or make my Half-marathon time of 1:55. (Re-read Galloway’s book – "Half Marathon - You Can Do It" book to establish a new training schedule.)
  • Race in a new locale.
  • Run injury free!
  • Maintain my pace – this is a big one for me. Each year I get older and it’s getting more difficult to see any improvements. I know the ice will shatter someday, till then I’m going to keep skating.

"The best swimmers are always in the pool."

Meanwhile, back to building a bird’s nest.

building a bird nest