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Tuesday, January 20

Cell Phone Hell

recycleI sometimes run with my eyes downward - nose to the grindstone. Along the roadway I spot a busted cell phone. Sadly, as an icon of todays throw-away society, it is left for dead.
Of course, I brought this little treasure home. (Along with other litter.) But this phone was beyond repair - a cell phone in Hell.

"Only 3% of the population recycles their cell phone." [Source:nokia]
So only 3% go to Heaven - the rest end up like this. A picture of some 426,000 of them. (Click on image for the zoom.)
And this problem is not just here in the USA but world wide.
"Some 15 million old telephones are tucked away in drawers somewhere in Sweden."
There are plenty of organizations who will put your phone to good use. Let’s change these numbers.

50 Ways to Leave Your Cell Phone
"One ton of cell phones contain a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of silver and some 300 grams of gold."
A better approach - keep using your old cell phone until it dies. The fact that most cell phones are replaced every 18 months is absurd!

Where is your old cell phone?

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