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Wednesday, January 7

Serious Suds

I’ve been asked, by Ryan, to review a new cleaning productProWash he is promoting. After washing clothes for eons – I figure I have a pretty good handle on what does the job.

Product: ProWash “An innovative new laundry solution for activewear clothing.”

Test Load: Husband's sweaty running clothes.

  • I like the container – environmentally savvy.
  • You can use any water temperature.
  • There is no perfume masking scent. The washed items have a pleasant clean smell to them. (No stale sweat :)
  • It saves water as there is no need for two rinses.
  • The polyester and technical shirts dried nice and soft.
  • It has a very small resealable cap. I know this will vanish one day and I will be left with an open container.
  • Container pouch itself can get slippery.
  • The measurements were confusing. Was the cap one or two units?
  • Cost! It sells for $9.99 (24 ounces) at This is about twice as much as I pay for my concentrated – no scented product.
Summing up:
I like the product! The clothes were clean and I did not have to double rinse. (I usually add vinegar to the second rinse.) But because of the cost – I would only use ProWash on the really stinky loads.
Thanks Ryan for sending me a free sample.

Somewhat related, I would like to share this article. “What’s Inside – Downy® Coats Briefs with Horse Fat” from WIRED’s Nov issue. After reading this I no longer use softener or fabric sheets. I sort my synthetics out and hang them to dry – avoiding the dryer and static cling.