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Thursday, March 5

Starting Fast

This week’s theme at Runner's Lounge TIaRT is.... Common mistakes and cardinal sins of running. What are some of the most common mistakes you make with your running?


My numero uno mistake in running (with regards to racing) is starting off to fast. Despite the fact I've read millions of articles on negative splits and managing pace, I still fall victim to this anomaly. The starting gun goes off; I'm caught up in the surge of runners - as they propel me to new heights. Yeah right - by mile 3 I'm panting - WTH was I thinking. I'm way older than kara goucher!


  • Start closer to the back - then you’re forced to go slow due to the volume of runners/walkers you have to pass.
  • Wear your Garmin or facsimile and monitor every minute of that first mile.
  • Pretend you have a malady - limp at bit, rub your side, or head – whatever works for you. Then at the 1 mile marker - zoom. (A gradual zoom if you have another 12 miles to go.)
  • Wear blinders so you can't see other runners' faces as they pass you.
"It is easy to run too fast in the early stages of the race and slow down at the end. It takes discipline to hold your pace and invest in a pretty photo finish." - Jenny Hadfield
PS: Open to other suggestions – please!