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Sunday, June 7

Bike With a Purpose

I hopped on my bike to return this - >

No, I’m not a shoplifter – I found this device clinging for life on my new top.

“The tag is then deactivated, or taken from an active state where it will alarm an EAS system to an inactive state…If the tag is a hard, reusable tag; a detacher is used to remove it when a customer purchases the item it's attached to.”
- Howstuffworks
So how did I leave the store without setting the alarm off?

The clerk said, “Lucky you didn’t try to remove it youself – it’s full of black ink!”
Despite this hassle, I did get a nice ride in. Was a little worried about having my bike stolen...

Juneathon Day 7 Biking
Bike trip
5.93 miles

100 push ups
Man Up with a 4,5,4,4,5 (I’m not even going to look at Week 2’s schedule!)

What is a Juneathon?