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Wednesday, June 24

Not Top Secret

Like many of you, after I run, I log on and upload the details. I use Breaking the Tape but sometimes upload to Map My Run or Garmin for maps graphs and other goodies.
But is anyone looking at all that data we share? After reading an article in Wired – Living by the Numbers I find out – NIKE+ does conduct studies with OUR numbers.

nike run map
“Nike has attracted the largest community of runners ever assembled more than 1.2 million runners who have collectively tracked
more than 130 million miles.” Wired

Stuff like:
  • Americans run more in the winter time than Europeans.
  • The average time for a run 35 mins. [?]
  • Most popular Nike+ powersong – Pump it.
I want to know:
  • More males or female runners?
  • Most popular time to run – AM or PM?
  • Any pit stops?
  • How many will be still running in 5 years? [Guess we’ll have to wait for the longevity data to emerge.]
Where do you store your running stats?

Juneathon Day 24
Ran 6.3 miles listening to Trilogy Running Podcast. Laughed my way down the street – while racing a garbage truck.
If you like raunchy sweat grinding talk – Check it out!