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Saturday, June 27

Serious About Sunscreen

I’m serious about sunscreen. My sun damage started at an early age. I honestly don’t remember any lotion that even contained sunscreen – We used baby oil! I’m paying the price now.

  • Brown spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin Tags
  • Eye creases
  • Blotches
So let me repeat - I’m serious about sunscreen.
On run days I apply the first layer after I wash up. Face, hands and neck. (Don’t forget your neck.) And then, just before I head out to run, more of this.


It is probably too late for me, but for all you running babes – never RUN without it!

Running With The Sun

Juneathon Day 27
Running 4.96 miles (Ran out of road...)
3x10 crunches
1 glass of chocolate soy milk