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Monday, July 6


Runners are always on the lookout for new places to run. (That’s one of the reasons I run races in other towns.)
If you live and run in one area for many years you start feeling numb to the surroundings. You know the distances by heart – no Garmin required.
You yearn for that sense of adventure – well maybe not on every run day…
So, while driving to the Fern Ridge Reservoir yesterday, I found myself searching for the components of a new and fresh running route.
It had all the components I was looking for:

  • A levy with a damn.
  • A bird sanctuary.
  • A waterside path.
  • A Park with pit stops.
  • Plenty of areas to stop and stretch.
  • Trees!
Fern Ridge google maps
Fern Ridge Resevoir - Google Maps

Unfortunately – I noticed there was a fence at the end of the levy, by the dam – so I would have to portage myself around the fence or down the hill onto a busy road. I don’t run down busy roads.
O well, I know there will be other adventures ahead – I just need to keep my eyes open.

Some things to consider when searching for a new running path:
  • Safety
  • Distance
  • Surface
  • Adventure
What do you look for?