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Thursday, July 16

Running is Like... Reading

 readingThis week’s theme at Runner's Lounge TIaRT is - Running is Like... I know, I know, you are dying to finish this with "...a box of chocolates." Tell us what you think running is most like in your life.
In the beginning you struggle. That first mile is made up of many steps – like reading, you have to start with the basics to build a foundation. You will have to repeat, practice – even read out loud so you can move forward. Just as in running – you must put in the time, the repetition – there are no shortcuts.

Your vocabulary expands and all of sudden reading becomes interesting. Just like running - when you learn about intervals, stretching and all the equipment.

But perhaps the most useful parallel is the significance of comprehension. You can read a complete book and not remember the name of a character or the color of his eyes. Just as with running – you can run blind, where the nuances of a shady path go unnoticed. You might as well be indoors on a treadmill...

Running is like reading – A process that can be enriching or just another monotonous task.

Open the next chapter.
Run with a new pace.
Look, listen, and feel.