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Wednesday, August 12

I Will Keep On Stretching

I have to say I was a little disappointed with this month's Runner’s World article: The Rules – Revisited
Stretching is Worthless
I know lots of runners who don’t stretch – but do they know they are losing flexibility? Are they setting themselves up for injury?
The article looked a few studies showing stretching made no difference. I’m sorry - but I don’t buy into this. (And hope other runners won’t stop stretching either.)
I had a chance to listen to a podcast with Coach Janet Hamilton. She included in her four factors in a training program - Flexibility. That means some form of stretching!
“Stretch gently, slowly and consistently (daily).” Janet Hamilton


Can you still bring your foot up towards your head anymore? Have you seen any soccer players running around bent over?

I know stretching does increase flexibility. I am positive that it has prevented injuries. And besides the mechanical benefits, it gives you time to unwind - even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Time to think about your performance and to be thankful, thankful you can run...

Someone else not happy with the Runner’s World article.