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Monday, August 17

Race Report Scandia 10k

Scandia course
Another “I feel great at the finish race!” (That’s two 10ks in a row.) My time was about the same time as last year but I did stop at every water station. (I’m testing out this routine – as I usually don’t drink anything till after the race.)
Happy with some of my splits too!
This year, the mint fields were already harvested, but there was still a lingering distant whiff in the cool morning breeze.

Scandia course2

One guy ran with his Thor horns on to honor the Scandinavian Days. Next year I’m going to braid my hair.

I Love the homemade direction signs.

After I found my pace, I slipped into an observational trance - noticing the way other runners held their arms. I tend to run with my arms at waist level. For several years I ran with a dog and had better leash control with my arms at that level.
But what I witnessed was crazy:

  • Arms bent at a 45º angle with hands almost touching their chest.
  • Arms slapping about like they were dislocate at the shoulder.
  • Elbows sticking out.
  • Hands like propellers.
It appeared, as runners began to fatigue, there was greater arm movement...
What do your arms do? Improve your running or just go along for the ride?
Arm Movement in Running

More Highlights!

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