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Monday, August 3

Trail Running Challenges

Doing some leg work on trail running. I’ve hiked a thousand trails but have only run a few. And even though I love the closeness to nature – I do not run in the woods.
My first trail race was along a x-c ski trail so there were lots of climbs and dips. It was a test not to twist my ankle on the uneven surfaces. Needless to say, I was extremely sore that next day.

There are some reasons (excuses) why I don’t trail run:

  • One is the lone factor. It just isn’t safe for a female alone in the woods. Unfortunately – I have not found a group of trail runners here in Eugene.
  • The other excuse – I wear progressive lenses / contacts. No, this does mean I’m hip; but that I have “geometric distortions" in my visual field. Which means my full view perspective is interrupted. I could accidentally trip over a root.
Despite these issues I’m seriously thinking about adding this challenge to my routine. (Besides If I break my wrist and can take time off work : )
Next thing to ponder -> trail running shoes.

There is a local trail race next month - only a 7K

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