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Monday, September 14

Trail Race – Check!

Beneath a blue sky the woods spread, entry - a single path leading upwards…
Who said running up hills was easy?
The first mile and half was a vigorous uphill climb with switch backs and scrambles. I have to be honest and admit I did convert to hiking in several areas just so I could catch my breath. [What an awesome workout!]

The next stage of the trail was gently rolling - easy going. It was on this part of the trail that I felt the woods take over… It may have been the mountain air or the isolation – but I ran like a wild turkey!
This gift of running, I so often take for granted, transformed into an epic passion. I’m alive, free and I can run!

  • Getting Lost – They said just stay on the trail unless you see a white chalk arrow – then follow that. (Great system - BTW)
  • Eaten by a Cougar – I did hear things in the woods…but was so busy concentrating on the next foot placement – I had no fear.
  • Getting Injured – No trips, tumbles or falls. Later that day, my neck was sore as hell, strange? Plus my Ankles and arches were a tad stiff. (I need some trail shoes!)


Post race snacks:

Shot Bloks, bananas, and chocolate chip cookies! In the cooler, water and a few brews, but I don’t drink beer before breakfast ;) We headed to a nearby bakery and discovered a farmers market set up in the parking lot. NICE!
I drove home nibbling on a vegan berry streusel, and sipping on an Americano. Had a large cantaloupe on my lap!
I will definitely check out other trail runs in the future.

Wore the tread off my Pegs!