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Thursday, September 17

Catch Your Breath

Amount of Air Breathed by Adult Females (Liters)

Noted: Uphill running will increase your body’s demand for oxygen!
I haven’t really been paying attention to my respiratory rate. During speed work, I listen to some high cadence tune and monitor my speed.
So, during last weeks trail race, when I reached the summit water stop, I was amazed at how fast I was breathing. It was difficult to even swallow water – never mind chit chat with the person at the station.
We don’t typically keep track of our breaths (BPM) like we do our heart rates.
Obviously the demand I put on my cardiovascular system was greater than normal. But by listening to my breath I was aware of when I reached a plateau. I didn’t need a heart monitor to tell me.
So next time I’m on the track, I will leave the player at home and listen to my body.

I found this excerpt online from Conscious Running - by Steve Savage

“I decided to run one day WITHOUT my iPod headset glued to my ears for a change, and to be open to the sensations and the experiences in my body and in my environment as I ran up and down those hills. The first thing I noticed was how much more I could tune in to my breath…”

He suggests this experiment - try running without the iPod.
Above image - William C. Adams