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Thursday, October 29

The Really Big Book on Running

"Lore of Running" by Tim Noakes - a professor of exercise and sports science.
Not sure how I missed this one - It was originally published in 1991. I must have had plenty of other reading material laying around...

Lore of Running Book
With chapter headers like:

  • Training the Mind
  • Beware of the Selfish Runner's Syndrome
  • Running Injuries are not an Act of God
How could I have overlooked it?
(Borrowed from the library - sorry Tim.)

It's like a Bible for runners.

Some of the material subject is outdated – like pages on shoes and apparel. But the physiology and training material is ageless. He gathers rich information from such running dignitaries as Lydiard and Sheehan.
(There is a 4th edition – “Now revised, expanded and updated.”)

I love how he provides a lot of information in lists. Using steps, laws or rules as the format. I'm able to sort through the material quickly.

I highly recommend this book to a beginner runner.

One of the motivating topics I read last night:

Rule #3 Train First for Distance

It stresses the importance of putting your time in and getting a base before you start interval work. He used a quote from Lydiard;
"...humans already have sufficient speed and what they lack is endurance."
So get out there now - slow down and increase that weekly mileage!