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Friday, October 16

Reasons To Run

"It's only when you're flying above it that you realize how incredible the Earth really is." Philippe Perrin
Photoshop kara
There is something phenomenal about flying 25,000 ft. up in the air.
As I sit there encapsulated, I not only get a panoramic view, but an overview - of my life. Like an out of body experience, I am detached.
On this trip I felt the urgency to go for a run. You really discover your wants – when they are unavailable. (When will they provide in-flight treadmills?)

Instead of running, I focused on the Reasons To Run:

Quite literally – you can. Not only mentally but physically. Sometimes you need to run hard and fast to get the prize – a flood of endorphins. This is the reward.

You know those days when you can’t stop eating. The next day you seek absolution. Running can repair.

Being a dynamic component of nature instead of an observer. Just the act of getting outside delivers.

When you have nothing to say… You can brag about your slow pulse.

The thing about running – it can be solitary or a group adventure. With every race I run – I feel a kinship with my fellow man. Together we move…
But perhaps most important (to me) is the virtual connection I have with you online runners. Everyday I can witness someone supporting or cheering on another runner. We share a common passion, and because of this - we are connected.

Why do you run?