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Monday, November 30

To Do List (11.30.09)

Monday To-Do list

The What,Why and How of To-Do Lists
Priority (A-F) A - very important!

1> Get the Garmin Heart rate sensor working again? I installed a new battery but it is still not working! I really need to slow down on my long runs by staying within the 60% range of my max heart rate zone.
Method: Search online, twitter help, drop it, contact Garmin.
Priority C

2> Buy new running pants. (I usually wear shorts but once it gets below 45F my calf muscles start to cramp up.)
Method: Look online for ideas… Go to REI or Nike store.
(Thanks for the gift membership FS:)
Priority A

Post a Review the free samples of Vega Sport drink powder I just received.
Method: Pick a day when I’m feeling tired to test it. I don’t want to drink before I run until I know how my body (heart) will respond to it. It does contain Ginseng.
Priority D

Busy week! What’s one thing on your To-Do List?

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