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Saturday, December 5

Review Vega Sport Drink

Vega SportI was lucky enough to receive some free samples of Vega Sport from Sequel Naturals. A totally vegan product formulated by Brendan Brazier, professional Ironman triathlete and bestselling author.

Vega Sport: Natural Plant-Based Performance Optimizer Pre-Workout Sports Beverage
Flavors: lemon-lime and acai-berry
Sizes: 30-serving tub or 24-serving box of snack packs
SRP: $49.99

I actually did two tests on this product. I was a little hesitant to drink it down and then head out for a long run as it has a bevy of unfamiliar (to me) ingredients such as: Kombucha leaf, Yerba Mate, and Devils claws root.

It has an agreeable smell – fresh would be my best description. A smooth and delicate taste - not overly sweet. Plus it was easy to mix - just add water and shake it up in a bottle.
I have to say the first run was too short to determine any increase in energy – but I did not feel tired. If anything I would have to say it was a mood enhancer. I ran in high spirits.
The second test was for a 5 miler with some tempo pick-ups. And, yes, it definitely gave me sustained energy. I usually feel pretty bagged after a tempo run. But I felt Alive and yes - Happy.

“Enhances mental focus"

Summing up:
I was concerned the Ginseng may cause heart beat irregularities – since I’m sensitive to caffeine. But heart rate was pretty steady.
I can’t wait to take this drink along with me when I start training for my next Half Marathon.
Thanks again Kelly for the free samples and bottle.

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