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Saturday, January 16

Splashy Head Gear

I first saw a BondiBand in action at Amanda’s blog 5 Miles 2 Empty. It looked so versatile and colorful – I had to have one!
So I headed right over to Bondiband. Here I found a whole mess of head gear - in a galaxy of colors.

“Bondi bands are a comfy, colorful and creative way to hold your hair back ... Bondi Bands are an easy fix for your hair.”
I would also add:
  • Stretchy < --- >
  • They stay right where they belong.
  • And wide enough to use as an earband on cool days.
With my original order I also received an extra band and a wicking hat - in wild pink. (Thanks Rebecca – Managing Director.)

BondiBand and hat
I’m thinking of ordering a few for my sister and Mom.
These bands really do brighten up a day!