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Saturday, January 9

Week One – Happiness Project

Sleeping January: Energy
Week One: Get more sleep:

I had to laugh when I saw Gretchen’s first prompt: “Get More Sleep.” It’s been at least 15 years since I had a really great sleep.(Unaided) I have no problem with getting to sleep. I’m so tired most nights I can hardly brush my teeth… But I wake up after just a few hours and the cycle repeats
I was seriously thinking of getting this latest gadget - a Zeo Personal Sleep Coach! It tells you what sleep phases you go through during the night. Not sure how helpful this would be as I already know how crappy my sleep is...
I've had to simply adjust to less sleep. I can even race with no sleep.

"O Sleep, rest of all things, mildest of the gods, balm of the soul..."
(Iris to Hypnos. Ovid, Metamorphoses)
Brain Basics: Understanding Sleep