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Monday, April 13

The Good, the Sad, and the Ugly

Race Recap - 10 mile Pear Blossom race

pear blossom banner

The Goodmotorcycle cops and runners
  • Was able to connect with other runners in the race using Twitter. Extra fun - a local news station reporter set up a time to interview me via a tweet. (No, I didn’t get my 30 seconds of fame.)
  • Maintained my half-marathon race pace to discover I had lots of steam at the end.
  • I was dressed just right! The weather was perfect for running!
  • Lots of police on motorcycles controlling traffic.
  • Enjoyed seeing old buildings in the city.
  • A young girl was handing out Twizzlers at the 9 mile mark.

The Sadfeet
  • The race organizers did not time the 5k entries. There were over a thousand runners.
  • I did not sleep much the night before – despite bringing my own pillow.
  • Discovered the lotion I used at the hotel, to massage my feet with, was hair conditioner.
  • Witnessed an expensive iPod skip across the asphalt. I wonder if the guy had to run the rest of the race in silence.
  • Spotting the halfway mark in the far distance, after climbing up and over the hill.
  • The post race raisin bread – had no raisins just cinnamon chips. (But still tasted pretty good.)
ugly stencil
The Ugly
  • Despite maintaining my half-marathon pace and coming in sooner than expected, I felt deflated when seeing the final race results. I wasn’t even in the top half...

  • Bright orange hand towel.

Fav T-shirt Words

“Paris Rome Frankfurt” For that international flavor.
“That’s How I Roll” Possibilities - roller derby gal, a pastry chef or a pot smoker?