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Tuesday, February 2

4 Week Training Recap

I had a few ups and downs but mainly a positive month. Just started reading Brendan Brazier's new book – Thrive Fitness. And it has really magnified my training by shifting the focus onto the bigger picture.

“Spending time and energy wisely is vital for continual improvement.” – Brendan Brazier
[I will be doing a review on this informative book soon.]

  • I only managed 7 Core workouts. But even these few made a difference on my overall running speed.
  • Ran a total of 71 miles.
  • Timed my 1 mile half-marathon pace at 8:52 Which will get me in under 2 hrs – One of my maintenance goals.
  • Cross training done exclusively on the Elliptical as the weather has been dreadfully wet.
  • New runners. ( Nikes again???)
  • Doing a trail run race end of Feb.
  • Buy a handheld water bottle to carry a high calories sport drink. I find eating while running incompatible.
  • Check out Cloud #9 Chocolate gel – Only 2 ingredients – Cocoa and Agave!
How did your January GO?