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Saturday, February 6

Thrive Fitness Review

THRIVE Fitness Book
I finished off Brendan Brazier's new book Thrive Fitness. by preparing one of his recipes – an Agave Mustard Dressing . And even though I did reduce the amount of oil, it was divine drizzled over a fresh salad.

Now back to the book…

First off I have to say I was blown away by Brendan’s frank honesty. As he elaborates on the beginning of his career as a triathlete – you discover he did not just wake up one day Fit. It took years of training with sometimes discouraging results. I related to his attempt to become a faster swimmer. He spent hours in the pool each day – for three years! Then he finally got some advice from a top swimmer. Who said, “Stop… I know what your problem is; you don’t know how to swim.”
I began running this way – miles and miles of huffing and puffing – before someone said, Hey, slow down – you have to build a base first.

He elaborates on the 4 Components of Vitality:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Stress reduction
And how they are connected!

The Fitness section includes easy, well explained exercises to do. These workouts are ones you can "do at home.” It includes a blank training log you can copy. It’s very thorough and has a star rating system - before and after a workout - what a great idea! (I wish he would have listed which muscles were involved with the lifting moves. That’s the Type A in me.)

The Nutrition section - Fuel for Fitness is interesting. There are recipes for Energy bars and Recovery drinks. But as I said before in a previous post Thrive Diet Review. I’m not quite ready for a total raw food diet. As a vegetarian, I do incorporate many of his healthy choices on a daily basis. It’s easy - to eat fresh fruit every day. And I’m already sold on coconut water!

The book ends with a Q and A session – which is a perfect venue for curious meat eaters who would like to learn more about a vegetarian / vegan lifestyle.

I would like thank Kelly of Sequel Naturals for sending this book my way; and to Brendan for promoting the vegetarian lifestyle!