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Saturday, February 27

Reward System

Galloway states, “Rewards are important at all times.”
For me, I’ve never really paid any attention to a reward system. Yes, I do buy a Starbucks coffee facsimile after a long run but don’t label it as a reward. It’s more like – “I need my coffee now!”
I don’t even revel in my mileage anymore. I want to run faster and further. I never satisfy this craving.
Perhaps it’s time I changed this minded set and began appreciating a few rewards.

“It’s best to reward yourself often the first week, and then reward yourself every week for that first month. Make sure these are good rewards that will help motivate you to stay on track.” - Leo Babauta who blogs at Zen Habits
Here is a wide open list of rewards from Managing Your Mind

  • Things to Eat or Drink - This is an easy one – that can backfire. While I don’t worry about my weight. (Yet) I really don’t want to gain 50 pounds before an important race.
  • Enjoyable Activities like TV - I do have plenty of shows in the Queue at Netflix, to watch instantly, but time is always an issue… Maybe I will finally watch Spirit of the Marathon.
  • Relax – Sit By a Fire - I know I would love this. There is something about watching a fire, bathed in the glowing embers. Unfortunately, we have a regular fireplace that involves matches, wood, and ashes. There are lots of other ways to relax...
  • Treats - Like flowers - I’m already spoiled with weekly flowers. ( Ty My FS) I can think of other treats like new a massage oil for my feet or some strongly scented aromatherapy candles.
  • Time - If only I had a way to stop the clock and create more time. I do try and schedule fewer activities on long run days.
    I would love to take a day/week off and just read.

I need to work on a list from these above prompts. (Remembering Galloway says rewards are important!)

I would love to hear if you have a post run reward system set up and what it involves.