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Wednesday, March 3

Training Recap for February


  • Ran 70.34 miles (Hey, it was a short month.)
  • Managed to fit in 8 core workouts. These are fun workouts that I’ve been mixing up to include lifting weights and swinging the kettlebell.
  • Started the twohundredsitups program as part of the core workout. If you haven’t tried this program yet – add it to your list! Since I already do sit-ups 3x a week, my body should respond favorable.
  • Ran an 8:37
  • Experimented with a Clif Quench Sport Drink during an 8 miler. Sorry Clif but I didn’t like the salty taste. However, I did flourish on the sugar content and felt like I could have gone another couple of miles.
  • Competed in a 4 mile race - Truffle Shuffle. Struggled through with a head cold (I never get sick!) Lost 3 minutes from last year’s time. Not good for the Ego. I was depressed for awhile… I need to compare times to runners in my age group – not my past PRs.
  • Getting back on the bike (I’m a fair weather rider) for my cross training days.
  • Setting up the Nike+ iPod. Different dynamics than the Garmin. (It has male or female voice feedback :)
  • Clif Shot Gel
  • Slowing down my long runs. Galloway suggests 12 min miles for a training pace.
  • Do a pace test mile every week to revive my spirit.
  • Take my amphipod bottle out for a test run.

Read this at Active. com

“Female runners training more than 20 miles a week included weight training three times a week for 10 weeks. These runners then performed treadmill tests at 6:30, 7:00, and 7:30 minutes per mile. They used 3.8 percent less oxygen at the fastest pace, increasing to 4.0 percent and 4.5 percent at the slower paces… These levels of improvement could clip a couple of minutes off 10K times.”

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