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Wednesday, March 31

March Training Recap

* Completed a 9 miler with ease – feeling strong at the finish. Then came to the conclusion – > the main reason I feel so crappy at the end of my races is that I’m pushing my old body to hard. So despite my interval running, cross training, healthy eating, I’m still slowing down...and there is nothing I can do about it. A depressing development that I will have to deal with.
* Completed 1247 sit-ups. Part of the twohundredsitups program.
* New kicks finally! Inevitably stayed with NIKE AIR PEGASUS.
I put 650 miles on my last pair.

NIKE Pegasus 26

* Included 8 core workouts with a few weight training sessions mixed in.
* 5x 800s with an 8:27 Holding pattern here too… geez
* 1 month and 1 day before the Eugene Marathon (Running the half.)

* Stop competing in races for awhile. Think of all the money I will save!bunny
* Renting a kayak.
* Going to the desert on a Horse With No Name
* Eating an entire chocolate bunny!

Question of the Week: from TNTcoach Ken:
"What is the worst part of your longest run in training? Is it the last few miles? The middle miles when the brain plays tricks on you?"
Dear Ken,
It’s the first 3 miles… I can’t stop thinking about how much further my feet have to take me - so I naturally speed up. This is bad because I’m actually supposed to run these long runs slow. (According to Galloway.)
Any suggestions?

Notable Podcast: of the month goes to Pete Larson of Runblogger Episode #15 is on running science, V02 max and running economy. Important stuff about how our body makes and uses energy.