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Thursday, April 22

Earth Day is Everyday

As I outdoorsy kind of person – the planet and all (well almost all) of its inhabitants are important to me.
I spend Earth Day re-evaluating what I have done to protect this environment I run and live in.
I am currently reading, “The World Without Us”. An interesting and well written book about the environment.
The chapter on plastics is particularly depressing.

“Except for a small amount incinerated, every bit of plastic manufactured in the world for the last 50 years or so still remains. It’s somewhere in the environment.”
Plenty of the plastics are being recycled now but they are refashioned into even more plastic manufactured goods.

A few things I’m doing to reduce my consumption of plastic:
  • Buy larger containers of shampoo, hand lotion, soap, etc.
  • Use products with less plastic packaging. (Buy in bulk.)
  • Reuse plastics bags and liners.
  • Look for products in glass bottles.
HOPE sign

What are you doing? ( Would love to hear your ideas.)

And excellent resource on plastic in our society and how to reduce it - > Fake Plastic Fish