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Tuesday, January 12

Training Schedule Redux

After working on Brad Hudson’s training plan for Masters Runners, I’ve decided to follow Jeff Galloway’s plan instead. I’ve used Galloway’s formula from “”Half Marathon You Can Do It”” for the last 3 years and have been very happy with his process. Brad’s plan in “Run Faster” recommends 2 hard workouts a week. I doubt my body would respond kindly to this plan. (I’ve only ever done one hard workout a week.)
And I love the alternate week system that Galloway uses. One week has the long runs, the next tempos or intervals.

But I am going to dovetail in some of Brad’s suggestions:

  • Hill sprints.
  • 3 Core strength sessions a week.
  • Progression runs – last part of a run – Hard!
  • “Modify workouts as your go based on your body’s response to the last workout.”
My goal is to retain the ability to get in under 2 hrs (remembering I’m not getting any younger…) and as always ~ try and beat my PR of 1:55

Will see how it goes – My #1 priority is to stay healthy and uninjured!

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