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Monday, January 15

Modus Operandi


The lightly snow dusted street before me, the house and hot
coffee behind...Not so easy to step out for my run this morning.
I'm not used to these sub 30 temps we've been having lately.
Getting dressed is a chaotic mess.

Modus operandi
- Sports bra (gray) no underwire!
- Silk under vest (purple)
- Cotton long sleeve (white)
- Fleece pullover (blue) too short, my ass got cold.
- Cotton undies (pink)
- Nylon rad pants (blue)
- Gloves (synthetic) (green) from the "Jingle Bell Run."
- Nike headband ( black) fleece.
- Nylon socks (white) crew
- Calf socks (white) I call them chilblains which is a totally inaccurate depiction; but works for me.

Please warm-up soon ~