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Monday, April 21

Earth Day Preamble

The last race I ran – they handed out, with the bib #, the usual goodie bag including race notices, coupons etc. But this year the bag was a paper manila envelope and inside a note saying bring this envelope back so we can re–use it! I always recycle all paper products anyways but what a cool idea.
Here’s my action list:

  • Bring my own bags when I go shopping.
  • Continue a Vegetarian diet - strive towards vegan.
  • Turn off the lights and TV when I leave the room.
  • Maintain my vegetable garden and an herb garden.
  • Compost wastes using a tumbler.
  • Take old stuff to the second hand store. (Actually my husband does this for me : )
  • Recycle books always! Member of paperback swap and library.
  • Rarely go clothes shopping.

  • Drive to work.
  • Still use little plastic bags for some produce items.
  • Watch too much television!
  • Should buy more items in bulk.
  • Support local shops and buy fresh produce – even if it costs more!
  • Not using recycled toilet paper.
  • Wean myself off paper plates.
Every day is Earth Day!

Earth day – a day to re-examine our activities. Can we do better?

This site has tons of information and ideas. David Suzuki Foundation